Chiropractic Treatment Options As Part Of Your Physical Therapy Plan

22 February 2023
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There are many reasons you may be facing physical therapy treatment plans. You may have been in a car accident or have a work-related injury. Surgeries can also leave you with physical therapy to help you improve mobility. If you have spinal issues, back pain, and other related issues, your doctor or physical therapist may mention chiropractic treatment as well. Here are some chiropractic treatment options that can help enhance your physical therapy treatment plan. 


One of the leading ways chiropractic treatment can work with your physical therapy plan is through readjustment. For example, if you are in a car accident, you will have bones and joints that are possibly moved. Though these bones may not break, they will still have slight adjustment issues. When you go through physical therapy, the joints may be realigned, but that does not mean they won't move slightly during therapy sessions. A chiropractic readjustment can help maintain the adjustment of the bones and joints and reduce pain during and following a physical therapy plan. 

Multiple Concentrations

When you go to a physical therapist, they are generally concerned with one area of your body. For example, you may have a broken hip. Following your surgery, you will need to work with a physical therapist in order to get your hip in working order again. However, other parts of your skeleton system can be affected. Your chiropractor will be able to focus on multiple areas that are related to your hip while your physical therapist concentrates on the hip and hip movement itself. 

Continuing Care

When you visit a physical therapist, the therapy sessions usually are set to last a specified amount of time. After you reach a certain point in the treatment plan, you will have no further physical therapy appointments in most cases. With a chiropractor, you can continue your treatment sessions for as long as you like. You can also be seen for your original issues or for other pain and issues you may experience. 

These are just a few of the chiropractic treatment options available to work with your physical therapy plan. If you have concerns about visiting a chiropractor for your other issues, consider discussing the visit with your physical therapist. They can let you know if there would be conflicting issues or if the service from your chiropractor would be suitable while you are still attending physical therapy. They can also offer advice on various services you may want to discuss with your chiropractor. 

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