How Chiropractic Care Offers Pain Relief During Pregnancy

27 April 2023
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Welcoming a new baby into this world is an amazing feat! Along with the joys of pregnancy, there comes a lot of changes in your body. The biggest one is pain and discomfort. Making a trip to your chiropractor may provide some relief and make pregnancy more enjoyable. Here's how. 

Relaxes Joints and Ligaments

For many women, being pregnant means muscles tighten as the body adjusts to a baby being inside. This causes unwanted wear and tear on hip joints as well as ligaments in the lower back. The result is uncomfortable back pain that can make the last trimester of pregnancy unbearable. 

When you visit a chiropractor for back pain treatment, they work on loosening up tense muscles and joints. They start by testing your range of motion to see how far you can move before you are in pain. With a series of massage therapy and joint adjustments, chiropractors can help realign problem areas and restore flexibility and full motion. 

Ensures Proper Alignment

With pregnancy, the female body goes through a tremendous amount of hormonal and endocrinological changes. Part of which causes the spine and pelvis to misalign as the baby grows month by month. Along with tired or impinged muscles, the pelvic floor may also be contributing to lower back pain due to misalignment. This is why it is important to get a chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy.

An adjustment can help restore proper alignment to the pelvic floor area and make labor and delivery easier to handle. It also reduces the need for a c-section. 

Relieves Pain In Other Areas

When it comes to pregnancy back pain relief, chiropractic adjustment is a safe method. It's not only the lower back area where many women experience pain. The neck and joint muscles in the legs are susceptible too. 

Sometimes, when women go into the first stages of labor, they may request an adjustment. This may help relieve intense nerve pain and make the entire labor process more bearable for them. This type of pregnancy back pain treatment is an alternative to using drugs to beat heavy pain episodes. It provides a safe and natural method of getting pain and discomfort under control. 

If you are seeking pregnancy back pain relief, get in touch with your chiropractor today. You can get an adjustment to help keep your body aligned properly to help control pain and make you feel good about your body. Each appointment will help with alignment so your body can effectively prepare for the delivery of your new bundle of joy!