What Happens During A Chiropractic Exam?

27 May 2015
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Many people go into a chiropractic's office believing that he or she will simply waltz in, have their back looked at, maybe have a few muscles massaged and be sent on their merry little way. Nothing can be further from the truth. Remember that chiropracty is a medical science, and as such, it deserves time, effort and patience. You can't go in expecting a miracle cure for any pain you may be on the receiving end of. With that being said, a chiropractic practitioner's office is nothing of which to be scared. A chiropractic's job is to help you get better. Throughout the course of this article, you will learn three facets of an initial chiropractic exam and what occurs during each step of the process: the consultation, case history and the first physical exam.


Your first interaction with a chiropractor will be your consultation. Although a consultation can be conducted over the phone, or via Skype, many doctors as well as patients, prefer to meet their doctor face to face.

During the consultation you will be asked a number of questions. Among these questions will be the type of pain you're experiencing, where the pain is located, how intense the pain is as well as how long you have experienced the pain. This is also your chance to ask any questions that you may want to ask your doctor.

It's helpful to write these questions down before you go, in case you forget or are sidetracked. Remember that a truly helpful doctor will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you have about the procedures that he or she performs in his or her office.

Case History

Your chiropractor will, like any doctor, want to see your case history. A patient history is usually as thorough as any other doctor's type of patient history background check. This will include a series of questions. In addition to the ones that the doctor asked during the initial consultation, he or she will also you require you to answer another set of questions related to your medical history and general health and well being.

For example, he or she may ask if there was any impetus to the pain? For example: was the pain caused by a fall or an automobile accident? Did you exhibit any strange symptoms before the pain started, such as a dull feeling in the area associated with the pain or even a sense of numbness? In addition, your chiropractor will need to know about any other pre-existing medical conditions, prior health conditions, as well as the information of your current health provider.

Physical Exam

A physical examination will then be required before any other treatment can start. This will also mark the end of your first chiropractic experience! A physical exam should be familiar to those who have visited a doctor's office in the past. During an exam, a number of physical attributes are tested to make sure that you are in generally good health. Your reflexes and temperature will be taken, for example, along with a few other tests that are slightly more complex. Your muscle strength and tone, as well as the flexibility of the muscle that is currently causing you problems will all be tested.

A visit to the chiropractor's office need not be a scary phenomenon. As you can see, most of the things that occur during your first visit to the chiropractor's office are actually things that occur in all sorts of doctors' offices. Remember to stay calm and enjoy your visit to the best of your ability.