Experiencing These Types Of Pain In Your Neck? It's Time To Visit A Chiropractor

9 March 2017
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One of the frustrating things about neck pain is that it can bother you in a wide variety of ways. Two people who complain about having a sore neck won't necessarily be experiencing similar symptoms, for example. Whenever you're aware of having a sore neck, whether it's come on after an injury or you have no idea what caused it, it's a good idea to seek the care of a chiropractor. Neck issues can often worsen when left untreated, so you'll want to take action even if your discomfort is largely bearable. Here are some different types of neck pain that you may be experiencing.

Dull Ache

It might be easy to dismiss a dull ache in your neck, especially if you can improve or eliminate the symptoms with pain medication. However, a dull ache is something that may persist if left untreated, and may also get worse over time. A dull ache can result from a spine that isn't in proper alignment. For example, if your upper spine is crooked, it could be pulling on the muscles on either side. Over time, this constant pressure can make the muscles fatigued and sore. By correcting the alignment of your spine, your chiropractor can ease this pain.

Sharp Sting

Many people experience a sharp, stinging sensation in their neck. You might not have this pain when you're sitting in a neutral posture, but it may quickly appear if you tilt, bend, or otherwise position your head in a certain manner. You might describe this pain as "stabbing," and it might be so sudden and sharp that you involuntarily cry out. Sharp pains of this nature can often be caused by a pinched nerve in your neck, which can occur as a result of a misaligned spine. When the spine isn't in alignment, any of the individual discs may be pushing on one of your nerves, which causes the pain.

Shooting Sensation

Another form of neck pain can be described as shooting and is often related to pressure being put on your nerves by the discs in your neck. You may feel some discomfort in your neck that tends to travel, or shoot, down into your shoulders and even to your arms or upper back. Sometimes, this pain will be accompanied by a tingling feeling that might not be overly painful, but that feels unpleasant. When nerves are involved, the pain can persist and manifest in several different ways as well as worsen over time. An appointment with your local chiropractor can be the first step toward putting this pain behind you.

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