Bed-Related Issues That Can Cause Back Pain

5 April 2018
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Your bed is supposed to be a place that your body can rest, relax, and rejuvenate, but that's not always the case. For many people, back pain can result from sleeping. In lots of cases, your sleeping habits can cause your back pain. For example, if you sleep in an uncomfortable and unnatural way, you may wake up feeling sore. However, it's also possible that your bed itself contributes to your back pain. If you're feeling all right physically in the afternoon but routinely wake up sore in the morning, it's highly possible that your bed is to blame. Here are some problems with your bed that you might be facing.

Your Bed Is Too Short

The average person isn't going to encounter a bed that is too short, but if you're above-average height, this might be an issue. If you're physically longer than your bed, you'll often have to compensate by scrunching your body so that you fit between the headboard and the footboard. Over time, and especially if you sleep in the same position night after night, you may begin to experience back pain. Getting a longer bed or possibly using a topper so that your feet are above the footboard and can hang over it, can help.

Your Mattress Is Worn Out

Lots of people keep their mattresses around too long, given that replacing this item can be expensive and a bit of a hassle, given its size. Over time, mattresses can lose their support — often to the degree that there's a deep void under your body from several years of your weight pressing down onto the mattress. This situation can be problematic because if you're lying in the void, your back may not be supported. Or, if you're on the edge of the void and are trying to keep from slipping into it, you may be keeping your back muscles tight at times throughout the night. If you're facing this problem, replacing your mattress is necessary.

Your Bed Lacks Space

Some couples cram into a bed that is too small for their size or their sleeping style. A queen-sized bed might be suitable for lots of couples, but if you and your spouse have large frames, space may be lacking. This can especially be true if your spouse sleeps spread out — as you may need to crunch up your body in response. Upgrading your bed in this scenario will be a good move. To address your back pain, be sure to visit a chiropractor, such as at Fick Chiropractic Centers Inc.