5 Easy Steps You Can Take To Ensure That Your Neck Isn't A Pain

30 April 2018
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You should be able to move your neck around freely. Your neck shouldn't feel stiff or hurt when you turn your head. If your neck is feeling stiff and uncomfortable, there are steps you can take to ensure that your neck isn't a pain in your neck.

#1 Sleep on Your Back

You may need to change how you sleep, especially if your neck always feels stiff after you wake up. One of the best ways to sleep, that puts the least amount of pressure on your spine, is on your back. For many individuals who suffer from neck issues, sleeping on their back is the more comfortable way to sleep.

The next alternative is to sleep on your side. If you decide to sleep on your side, you need to make sure that your pillow is tall enough to fill in the space between your neck and your bed, without preventing you from moving your head naturally when you sleep.

#2 Change Out Your Pillow

Pillows are not made to last forever. If you can't remember the last time you purchased a new pillow for your bed, it is time to change out your pillow. Look for an orthopedic pillow to help ease the pain in your neck. Orthopedic pillows have a depression where your head goes, and provide extra support for your neck.

Sleeping with the right pillow can reduce the strain on your neck and help you wake up with a neck that feels good.

#3 Look Up At Your Phone

It has become almost default to pull out your phone and look down at it. However, looking down at your phone actually strains the joints and ligaments in your neck.

When you need to use your phone, bring your phone up to your eye level to use it. It may take a while to break this habit, but when you do, you may find that your neck doesn't feel so stressed out.

#4 Invest in a Headset

If you spend a lot of time on the phone, either in your personal life or for work, invest in a hands-free headset. A hands-free headset will allow you to keep your head straight and aligned when you talk on your phone. You will no longer strain your neck by tilting your head sideways to hold onto the phone as you talk.

#5 Visit Your Chiropractor

Finally, make sure that you visit and work with your chiropractor on a regular basis. Your chiropractor can show you exercises you can do to stretch out your next. Your chiropractor can also help keep your neck properly aligned, which should also reduce neck strain and stiffness.

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