Other Aches And Pains Chiropractors Address

26 May 2019
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When you think of chiropractors and chiropractic treatment, you think of your spine and your back. Anything else rarely comes to mind. However, chiropractors actually address more than issues with your spine and more than just back pain. Chiropractors are able to address all of the following pains. 

Hip Pain 

Hip pain is the result of one leg being shorter than the other by anywhere from an eighth of an inch to just less than an inch. It can also be caused by injury to the hip, a lower back injury that throws the spine off-kilter, and hip flexors that attach to the lower spine that somehow became too tight. The chiropractor will make adjustments to your hips by having you lay on one side, position you to make an adjustment, and apply quick pressure to the hip area until a Pop! is heard.

If you have pain in both hips, the chiropractor will have you roll onto the opposite side and perform the same or similar adjustment, listening for that popping sound. You should feel almost immediate relief from pain. The treatment may need to be repeated until the problem with your hips is effectively corrected. 

Neck Pain

Neck pain can also be the result of injury, but most of the time it is caused by stress. Even if you take time off of work to alleviate stress, the pain may stick around because the neck muscles have become too tight. The chiropractor will usually have you sit up, position your head a certain way, and lean into your head from the opposite direction. Manipulations and adjustments of the cervical vertebrae may also be performed with you sitting in a nearly upright adjustment chair the chiropractor uses for upper body, neck, and head adjustments. 

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is almost always the result of an injury. There are so many muscles that connect the spine to the bones of the shoulder and shoulder girdle. It only takes a hard fall or a hard hit to your shoulder to hurt these muscles. Another possibility occurs most often with baseball players when a pitcher throws the ball with all the force he/she has in his/her arm. The arm is twisted and thrown out. After medical attention attends to any tears in the muscles, a chiropractor addresses the remaining pain and tightness through adjustments to this shoulder, shoulder girdle, and upper back. 

For more information about chiropractic treatment, talk to a local chiropractor.