How To Prepare For Your First Ever Chiropractic Visit

21 October 2019
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For those that have never seen a chiropractor before, the first visit may seem a little intimidating. By knowing what to expect and how to prepare for chiropractic care, you can set your nerves at ease so you can get the most from your appointment.

The First Visit Is a Consultation

Your first visit doesn't typically include much treatment. Instead, your doctor will assess your condition and needs so they can create an individualized treatment plan for you. They may do some exploratory manipulations, such as checking range of motion, but overall you should expect more of a question and answer session than a treatment session.

This is a good time to ask your own questions about treatment and options. Keep a list of your questions and bring it to the appointment. It's easy to forget something during this consultation, so the list will be handy reminder.

The Doctor Needs Your Past Care Records

Most people end up at the chiropractor's office after a referral from another medical professional, such as a physical therapist. This means you likely already have a care plan that you have been following and some initial diagnoses that have been determined. Although many offices request these records before your visit, having a copy on hand ensures that you can get them in front of your chiropractor's eyes.

Bringing this information, along with your general medical records, makes it much easier for your doctor to hone in on the best way to address your problem. They can also get in contact with other members of your medical team and work together to create a multi-faceted care plan.

Appropriate Dress Makes Things Easier

Although you probably won't have a full adjustment at the first appointment, you still need to dress appropriately so any assessments can be performed. Loose clothing and easy to remove shoes are the best option. Pants are preferred over dresses or skirts, simply because the extra fabric in a skirt can get in the way. It's also a good idea to avoid underclothing with wires or metal supports, since sometimes an xray is necessary to determine the best treatment.

Further, keep in mind that a chiropractor is a doctor. You will be weighed and measured, and your blood pressured will be taken. Tight sleeves or hard-to-remove shoes can make these routine care tasks more difficult.

For more help, contact a chiropractor in your area.